Today I didn’t worry about my children being targeted, harassed, beaten or killed because of the color of their skin.

Today I didn’t remind my children what they should or shouldn’t say to police out of fear that their words could bring them physical harm.

Today I didn’t pray that God would protect the vulnerable bodies of my children.

Today I didn’t scold my children for forgetting there are many people who view them suspiciously or callously.

Today I didn’t explain that no matter what the form of protest, my children’s cause will not be taken seriously by many.

Today I didn’t mourn the death of one of my children because someone else viewed him or her as expendable.

But that is not true for all. In fact that is not true for many.

Today, many worried, reminded, prayed, scolded, explained, and mourned simply because of the color of their skin. And that is not okay, today or ever.

Violence begets violence. And while I am not condoning any violence, I understand why violence is sometimes the response. I especially understand it when one has been the victim of violence again and again. The violence must end, and first it must end with me.

Today I am angry.

Today I am heartbroken.

Today I will not be silent.

May today be a new day.

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